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Keeping you connected.....From the simplest to the most innovative long distance needs, Poka Lambro Communications provides a wide array of cost effective services for your home or business. Simple, straight-forward pricing with no time-of-day restrictions.

.12¢ Per Minute or Choose a Bucket of Minutes:


  • Residential & Business Services

  • International Calling

  • Detailed Call Accounting

  • 800 Number Services


Account Codes


Perfect for your internal accounting and billing purposes. Keep track of all long distance calls made and which individual or department made them. You choose and assign the codes and we will provide the detailed billing -- at no additional charge. Perfect for schools, small or large businesses -- or even families!

CALL FOR DETAILS at 800-480-5463

Please note that the long distance rates listed above apply to domestic long distance calls only. Calls to Mexico are only .20 cents per minute and international (landline) calls are only .99 cents per minute.




Several long distance changes were implemented March 19, 2011. Click here to have a look.



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