Pay Your Bill Online (SmartHub)

Smarthub is here! Smarthub offers new and convenient features that will make your online bill paying experience even easier than it was before. Be sure to download the mobile app for iOS or Android! 


Pay Your Bill Online 


Go paperless!

You can go paperless if you choose. Instead of receiving your bill through the U.S. Mail, we will send you an e-mail notification when your bill is available online.  You can simply click the link in the e-mail you receive, sign in to your account, and you’re ready to view and pay your bill.  Or you can click the E-bill link on our website any time to view or pay your bill.


How much does it cost?

Using Smarthub is absolutely free.  In fact, by paying your bill online you will save the cost of a stamp each month and avoid the hassle of writing a check.   


Getting Started with Smarthub- available August 1, 2016

Getting started is easy! For step-by-step instructions on getting started with Smarthub, click the video links below: 


Click the link below to learn more: 

Smarthub Overview Instructional Video


Click the link below to learn more: 

Paying Your Bill with Smarthub Instructional Video


Click the link below to learn more: 

Managing Smarthub Autopay iOS Instructional Video 



Will my paper bill still be mailed to me?

If you have elected to go paperless and checked the box to “stop receiving a paper bill” - you will no longer receive paper bills.  If you choose to go paperless and ever need a paper copy of your bill, you can easily print one from the online billing site. 


How will I know when I have a new bill?

You will receive an e-mail notification that a new bill is available.


How do I pay my bill online?

The Smarthub service enables you to easily pay your bill online with a major credit card or debit card.


Is my credit/debit card information safe?

Absolutely.  Your information is protected with a high level of encryption.  Your credit/debit card information cannot be accessed or viewed by our staff.  You can be assured that your information is safe.


Will my bill look the same online?

Just Click to view: Printed Bill, to see an exact replica of the bill you are accustomed to receiving in the mail.

If you’d like more information – give us a call. 



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