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With Smart Solutions from Poka Lambro, you can control and view your home or business from any smart mobile device or Internet connected device.

Our Video Monitoring is the perfect solution for anywhere you need excellent surveillance – inside or outside. Our quality cameras allow you to view live video anytime. You can also record video for replay. Record your video on our state-of-the-art server and access it from anywhere. You can download clips you want to keep. Choose as much storage as you need.

You can set your system to record based on the time of day or based on an event that occurs. For example: set your system to begin recording when motion is detected, or when a door is opened.

Our Smart Solutions make it easy to monitor and control your home or business from anywhere. Receive alerts via text, e-mail or a phone call to let you know when certain events occur. For example: set your system to alert you when doors are opened, closed, locked or unlocked; when motion is detected in a certain area; when the temperature goes above or below a designated setting; when water or flooding is detected in an area; and much more. You set the rules!

You can also control your thermostat, lighting and other appliances from anywhere with our Smart Solutions controls. A Smart Home is no longer a home of the future ….. with Smart Solutions it’s a home of today.


  • Cameras & Video Storage
  • Thermostats
  • Lighting controls
  • Door locks
  • Water/flood detection
  • Energy management
  • Motion detection
  • Door/window sensors
  • And much more!!!!




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Video storage - $10.00 for 100 G of storage
(Purchase as many blocks of 100 G storage as needed to fit your system and your needs)


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