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Scholarships Available!

Poka Lambro is now accepting applications for $2500 scholarships.  Area high school students whose parents are customers of Poka Lambro may apply.  Recipients are selected based on: Academic achievement, Involvement in extra-curricular activities and Educator Recommendations.  To be eligible: students must be graduating from an area high school and the parent or legal guardian with whom the student resides must be a customer of Poka Lambro. 

Scholarship Applications are being sent to area schools.  Applications may also be picked up from any Poka Lambro location.

The entry deadline is March 5, 2018.   

For additional information, please contact Tray Young at 806-924-7234, 800-422-2387, or

Federal Universal Service Charge Increase

(Published December 15th, 2017)


Effective January 2nd, 2018 the amount of Federal Universal Service Charge (FUSC) appearing on your bill each month will increase as a result of an increase in the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) universal service fund contribution factor from 18.8% to 19.5%.  The amount of the FUSC on your bill is calculated in accordance with FCC rules by applying the new universal service contribution factor of 19.5% to the rates of interstate services that you used.

The federal universal service fund helps to ensure access to affordable communication services in all areas of the United States.

If you have any questions regarding the FUSC charge, please contact Poka Lambro at 806-924-7234 or the FCC at 1-888-225-5322 or email:

Important Notice

(Published November 17, 2017)


It has come to our attention that some of our customers and employees are receiving e-mails from a news site called "Poka Lambro Guide." Please be aware that Poka Lambro Telephone Cooperative, Inc., and its subsidiaries, have no relationship with this sender and can't verify its legitimacy. "Poka Lambro Guide" is not supported by, or endorsed by, Poka Lambro Telephone Cooperative, Inc. We are looking into available remedies to address the confusion caused by this use of Poka Lambro's name.

We always advise to delete e-mails, without clicking any links, if you cannot verify their source. Please feel free to share this post if you have contacts or friends who are customers of Poka Lambro. Thank you.

2017 Scholarship Winners

(Published March 31st, 2017)


Poka Lambro is proud to announce our 2017 scholarship winners!


Katherine Barrington – Katherine attends New Home High School.  Katherine is the daughter of Matt and Lisa Barrington.  She plans to attend Texas Tech University where she will study Industrial Engineering.


Hayley Gray – Hayley is a student at Borden County ISD.  She is the daughter of Glen and Lisa Gray.  Hayley plans to attend Texas Tech University where she will participate in the Pre-Physician’s Assistant Program.


Olivia Hammonds – Olivia attends Tahoka High School.  Olivia is the daughter of Martin and Dina Hammonds.  She plans to major in Animal Science at Texas A&M University.


M’Kenzie Scott – M’Kenzie is a student at Loop High School.  M’Kenzie is the daughter of Shane and Charla Scott.  She intends to study Education at Lubbock Christian University.



Blaze Smith – Blaze is a student at Post High School.  Blaze is the son of Robert and Stephanie Smith.  He plans to study Chemical Engineering at Texas Tech University. 



Haley Stephens – Haley attends Tahoka High School.  She is the daughter of Alicia Stephens.  After getting her Associate’s Degree from South Plains College, Haley plans on transferring to Texas Tech to pursue a Master’s Degree in Education.

Robo-calls and Telemarketing Calls are on the Rise

(Originally Published February 24th, 2015)


Consumers are reportedly getting more telemarketing calls and robo-calls than ever.   A robo-call is a phone call that uses a computerized auto-dialer to deliver a pre-recorded message. Robo-calls are often associated with political and telemarketing campaigns, but can also be used for public-service or emergency announcements.

If you prefer not to be bothered by these types of calls, “Terminating Call Manager” is a feature worth checking in to.

“Terminating Call Manager” screens out calls from telemarketers, polling services, auto-dialers and other nuisance callers.  This feature is easy to manage from your phone or through the internet with our simple web portal. It’s perfect for customers who are frustrated by calls from telemarketers & other nuisance calls.

Auto-dialers and robo-calls will be unable to get through to your number. You can also pre-select phone numbers to block. You can automatically block future calls from “the last number that called you” by dialing a code after a calls ends.

The feature will create an “Allowed Caller List” and a “Blocked Caller List”. Family and friends are added to your “Allowed Caller List”. You can easily add or remove numbers from either list anytime.

How it works:

Once the feature is added to your line, callers will hear the following recording:

“The number you have reached does not accept calls from telemarketers. If you are a telemarketer, please add this number to your do not call list and hang up now. Otherwise, press 1.”

Callers who have not yet been placed on the “Known Caller List” will encounter the recording at least once when calling your number. If they press 1, their call will go through and their number will be added to your “Known Caller” list. They will not encounter the recording again.

Auto dialers, when reaching the recording, will time out and the call will not go through to you.

Callers whose numbers have been blocked will hear a recording notifying them that “the number they have reached does not accept calls from their number. “

You always have the option to: add or remove specific numbers from either list, block the last calling number, remove all numbers from the blocked list, or turn the service on and off.

“Terminating Call Manager” also has a Do Not Disturb feature which allows you to restrict all incoming calls during a specific time period. Enjoy an uninterrupted dinner or movie … or get a peaceful nights’ sleep. Incoming calls are allowed through IF the caller inputs an override code that you have previously provided to them. (The override code could be given to kids, parents, grandparents or anyone who might need to get through to you in in an emergency)

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